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Welcome to Castleview Enterprises

Castleview Enterprises was established in September 1975 supplying disposable products to catering wholesalers; and retail products to wholesalers, cash & carrys and multiple retailers. Using our brand names “CASTLEVIEW”, “ROYAL MARKETS”, and “SMARTWAY”, our catering disposables are designed for both the catering and domestic markets.

We are the Number 1 supplier of catering foil and cling film in SE England. Castleview’s cling film is of a thicker grade than one can normally buy in the UK. If fact all Castleview’s products are made from the finest materials and presented in high quality, unique packaging.

Castleview’s Refuse Sacks are of consistent quality specially manufactured to a higher gauge than is usual in the industry and their Royal Markets refuse Sacks are regarded as one of the best in the trade. Castleview’s Royal Markets Latex Gloves are of medical quality and are marketed in both powder and powder-free grades. Our Latex Gloves are unique to Castleview.

Consequently customers ask for Castleview’s products by name and they are assured that they will be “fit for purpose” and offer outstanding value for money

Paper Plates

Castleview’s PAPER PLATES are made from pure virgin fibreboard, fully coated, and are 220gsm weight. The various sizes are:

9” Pack 100
9” Pack 30
7” Pack 100
7” Pack 35
6” Pack 100

Castleview products are designed for the catering market. Some of our products include:

Cooking foil

Cling film
Refuse sacks
Paper plates
Rubber gloves
Scouring pads
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Our Royal Markets products are specifficaly manufactured for the retail market. Some of our products include:

Plastic cups
Rubber gloves
Latex gloves
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